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Samuel B

5 (2 reviews)

Hi! I'm currently a Primary School Teacher teaching Year 5. I have experience of teaching from Year 1 all the way to Year 6. I have first-hand experience of how tricky and demanding the SATs are for Year 6 children so my main aim is to help children with their SATs preparation – starting at any year.
I'm a very patient teacher who will explain something in as many ways as possible until my student understands. I have high expectations of all my pupils and believe in every single one of them. I have had lots of experience of children who excel and need pushing further to master subjects to having students who need lots of extra support and intervention to achieve their best. I try to make learning as fun as it can be and ensure the learning is in-depth and thorough – not just skimming the surface.


5 (2 reviews)
Sarah R

My son looks forward to his sessions. Sams friendly approach makes learning easier for him and has improved his confidence towards English!

Amanda C

Absolutely an AMAZING tutor! Always punctual, Sams tutoring ability is of a high standard, as well as fun, & my son has benefited immensely from having lessons with Samuel.

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