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Roberto L

5 (1 reviews)

¡Hola! My name is Roberto. I am a native Spanish speaker who loves teaching and learning new languages. I have a degree in modern languages, and 20+ years of experience in translation.

Since my early childhood, I have been intrigued by other languages, their origins, the people who speak them, their culture and countries. While I eventually focused on the languages named before, I have learned the basics of some other languages for this reason. Learning other languages is a passion I would love to share.

I am very keen and motivated, patient, hard-working and quite flexible.

Whether you want to learn Spanish just for fun, for going on holiday or obtaining a qualification I can help you. I tailor my lessons to suit the learner, and my goal is to help the students to achieve their goals and more than they thought possible.


5 (1 reviews)
Tony S

Roberto is very good. He is passionate and that makes conversation easy. He comes prepared to lessons. My one improvement suggestion for Roberto is to foster more "out loud" practice for me (the student).

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