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Matthew B

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Hi There!

My name is Matthew.

I'm a Guitarist/Bassist/Pianist/Music-Producer with over 10 years of Playing, Songwriting, Recording and Stage-Performance experience.

My several years of working in professional recording studio and live music environments have equipped me with a high-standard of musicianship and technical knowledge which I'm now looking to share with others.

Whether you're interested in instrument lessons, recording lessons, songwriting and arrangement help, or pretty much anything else music-related, I can be of great assistance in helping you achieve your musical goals.

I believe that people learn in a variety of ways. Rather than giving my students a set curriculum that may not suit their preferred methods of learning, I like to assess my students' needs on a case-by-case basis and tailor a personalised course that will suit them best.

Check out my recording studio website:


5 (1 reviews)
Sally R

Very helpful and knowledgeable, good with children and an understanding of their needs. Calm and polite with good direction and lesson study preparation ahead of the following weeks lesson.

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