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Yuyan K


Hello all :) My name is Yuyan, I'm from China and currently studying mathematics at the university of Edinburgh. Maths and physics have always been my favorite subjects , they're not only part of my major, but also part of my life. I'm very passionate about them and would like to help people to discover the great fun of maths and physics.

As a tutor , I had the experience of being the teaching assistant in my high school in grade 11 , in charged of mathematics and physics. I'm also confident about my maths ability . My academic accomplishments include getting A* in mathematics, A* in physics , and A in further mathematics during the CIE A-LEVEL exams ; winning the Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarship ; winning a silver medal in the 2016 UKMT competition. In addition, earning certification for my statistics project, which I presented at The London International Youth Science Forum. My grades also got me the chance of directly entry to the second year of university study.

About mandarin , as a native speaker with 9 years of Chinese education , I'm sure that I can handle various kinds of questions of Chinese.

My English is also fluent, so communication won't be a problem.

My session will depend on the student's learning progress and ability , I'll prepare specifically for those questions that the student struggling with . If you have any further questions , feel free to message me :)

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