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Jennifer E

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My passion for mathematics has inspired me to pass on my knowledge to other people.

When I was in secondary school, I had a really good Maths teacher who got me to love mathematics and made even the hardest thing (vectors, at the time) seem easy. The students around me in the other sets hated mathematics, and struggled with it because their teachers were not as good. Some classes had different teachers over the course of a year, so there were gaps in their learning that meant the foundation wasn't there to learn the higher level topics.

This experience has influenced my teaching style because now, whenever I have a student, the first thing I do is get them to complete a test where the foundations are tested so that I know where they lack knowledge, and what they don't understand. This "test" isn't so much to come out on top, and so there is no pressure, and I ask that they complete it with no help from people or the computer, and they take their time and at least attempt each question, while writing down all of their working outs. The working out is important so that I see how they approach each question.

I work with the pupil to fill those gaps and then build up their knowledge to get to those higher level questions, so that they can achieve grades that they can be proud of.

I set mini tests to ensure that they are retaining the information they are getting from me. The tests will reflect their current mathematical ability with a few questions to test and challenge them. They will be set at intervals depending on how long it takes the pupil to be comfortable with a topic.


5 (1 reviews)
Shakeeza B

She’s very good and she is nice

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