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Jacob B

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I am a passionate and enthusiastic humanities practitioner, my main area of expertise being in History. I have advanced qualifications in History, English Literature and Philosophy, and I am due to complete a masters degree in history by September, I also have a wealth of experience in essay writing techniques.

I have always been passionate about inspiring and motivating other young people who require help with the aforementioned subjects. I believe that the best way to improve a students learning is to make lessons both exciting and informative, the goal here is to offer a platform for the student to be genuinely interested in their learning.

I possess recent experience working with humanities students at Keele University, who require assistance with note taking in lectures. This has given me the professional, as well as the communication skills required to provide excellent tutoring to students.

I am willing to travel up to 15 miles from my home in Stone, Staffordshire. This includes but is not limited to Stone, Stafford, Stoke-On-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Cheadle and Trentham.


5 (1 reviews)
Phoebe J

I'm currently studying Philosophy, History and English Literature at A Level so was very happy to find that Jacob could help me with all three. If there are any particular topics I want to focus on one week he is more than willing to prepare resources for that topic and is extremely tolerant of my lack of understanding when it comes to certain subjects. He is extremely understanding and patient when I am unable to fully grasp a piece of work. A great tutor.

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