Passionate musician, tutor and audio engineer.

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George F

5 (4 reviews)

I'm George, I'm a working musician based just outside of Loughborough, Leicestershire.

I changed my ambition's from computers and video games to guitar after meeting new friends at school. I began playing live as soon as I could play anything and haven't really stopped since.

I studied music throughout school and after a some time out working, I returned to studying music where I achieved a FDA and BA in Applied Music.
With a long and recent line of music education and strong drive to better myself, lessons are highly adaptive to the individual's goals and requirements. I teach from personal experience, online websites and national guitar publishings. All learning styles are welcome, kinaesthetic, auditory, visual, verbal or mathematical.

As a member of The Registry Of Guitar Tutors and RSL Awards, I can offer lessons using RGT or Rockschool grading system.

You can find me engineering and running shows around Leicestershire, gigging in my metal band 'Awaking Athena' or my punk band ' Next Year'.


5 (4 reviews)
Tony P

Had two lessons now and my 6year old son loves his lessons. He is so full of joy and confidence with his guitar when I pick him up .me personally I'm amazed that George has taught my son so much in so little time and the fact he gets home work so far so

Lauren K

Brilliant George is easy going and patient.

I was worried how I'd get along learning anything new with my Dyslexia, especially because are brains are generally wired different so learning is aways pain

But he's been great at working around it, being more visual in his teaching than written.

And he seems just as excited as I am when I get something! - highly recommend (Lauren )

Hesam Y

George is a good guitar teacher. He taught me lessons for picking which helped me to strengthen my right hand. He comes with new song/music each session while not leaving previous ones, and keep working on them with you.

Richard K

George is a great tutor,really helped me with my strumming and picking techniques and I can tell puts alot of effort into tailoring my lessons to how I can play!

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