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Ryan F

5 (3 reviews)

Sequitur opus (work brings success). This is undoubtedly my motto when it comes to education. There is an undeniable correlation between hours of work and assessment outcomes. So, if you would like to make the most of your child’s history education then I offer engaging and challenging lessons for Key Stages 3-5 to ensure success. For example, could we really consider Dunkirk to be a failure, or was Churchill able to salvage a dire situation? Instead of answering this as a question, we will play a board game that I have designed, and if you can’t save as many men as Churchill, was it really a failure?

This is but one example of the uniquely engaging teaching that I can offer. Whether it’s assessment questions or debates and role-playing key moments of history, I have a range of lessons to suit all persons regardless of age or ability. My experience as a Subject Leader means I understand what it takes to succeed in History, and I will do whatever I must to ensure that your child succeeds.


5 (3 reviews)
Tom G

Seems to know how to do it all and as a consequence my grades have dramatically improved and confidence for maths is high

Fawwad K

My son like the way he teach.

Georgie R

So far so good.Our son has only had 3 lessons with Ryan but all very happy with all the different materials he uses to teach him . Our son is very happy to have Ryan teaching him which is a massive plus .

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