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Tristan S


I have always had a passion for education and History. Growing up I remember being fascinated not only by the great wealth of inspiring stories from history but, as Hartley puts it the idea of the past being a different country just waiting to be explored, filled with strange and unexpected practices, ideas and attitudes. My love of history continued as I went through school and during my A levels I volunteered, and was later hired, with Plymouth city museum in their handling and education department. Once I left university my passion for History remained and I took part in a number of local archaeological events as well as spending time with the local history society.

My role as an educator has evolved over the years, moving from museum education, on to a support worker for young people with additional needs. Then to an activities instructor and finally working as TA for a number of years before beginning my PGCE course. One thing has remained throughout all of these roles and that is my love of teaching, in all its forms. The shared feeling of joy when a student who is struggling overcomes a challenge or obstacle is hard to describe and I like to feel that I employ all of my experience, in every role I have held, to make this a reality for the students under my care.

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