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Jay J

4.7 (12 reviews)

Hi! I am Jay and I have 25 years experience of multi-disciplinary University level teaching and 10+ years of experience of 1-1 tutoring in A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics. Exams are stressful but each student can be helped by coaching to build on their knowledge and their strengths. I have a proven record of helping students to achieve results and getting excellent satisfaction feedback of my methods.

Uniquely, I combine my STEM expertise with extensive senior level international business leadership and coaching experience as well as 25 years of part time MBA/MSc post-graduate teaching and research supervision. My subject areas from teaching and line management include Strategy, Information Systems, Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and Marketing in which I offer guidance in dissertation planning, proof reading and project work.

I have taught hundreds of students from various backgrounds at A level, undergrad and postgrad levels, a wealth of experience upon which I tailor and target my teaching and coaching to address each student's needs and learning style.

Motivating understanding of the subject matter and developing confidence to successfully tackle problems by using strategies that inspire, stretch, and empower each student on their learning journey is what I do best.

Since I tutor university curricula in Business and Mathematics both on-line and in Face2Face meetings, I am comfortable to support individual students in either mode to suit their needs.

So, whether is it the basics of Calculus or the intricacy of Mechanics, be it that you find Statistics ideas bland and Decision Maths impossible, or you have difficulty in grasping and presenting complex Physics ideas in short clear sentences, or you are daunted by your MBA or undergrad Business degree project dissertation: I can be your coach and tutor.


4.7 (12 reviews)
Parvin B

Jay is a very good at explaining the abstract concepts of A level maths, using different methods. Highly recommend.

Shakir C

Jay is a great tutor, he has worked with me to develop deeper understanding and helped to improve my general subject knowledge by walking me through questions and breaking them down in a way and at a pace suitable for me.

I would definitely recommend him.

Anjum S

My son appears to be enjoying being tutored by Jay. Jay is helping to iron out the wrinkles and worries that my son was having with his Maths A level studies. Anything that pushes him to study more and also which helps build his confidence in the subject is welcomed! Fingers crossed that his A2 grade will reflect the tutoring he is receiving from Jay. Thank you!

Anurag P

Good in-depth knowledge of physics and an excellent mathematical physics knowledge.

Fatima G

Jay has been a fantastic tutor.He is both punctual and a patient teacher who teaches to ensure that with every lesson he has left her understanding and confident with the topic at hand.I will be having more sessions with him closer to the exam period.

Ishrat H

Jay is providing tuition for both my sons in A level Maths. They both find his teaching methods good. He ensures they understand the topic before moving on

Mehak K

A passionate tutor who is helpful and patient in all lessons.

Christine T

Jay is very knowledgeable about the "A" level syllabus and has been patient with teaching my son. He explains the lesson clearly.

Celia T

Jay is very helpful in all my lessons and i learn new aspects of mathematics from each one . It is very easy to understand him as he explains the topic at hand clearly

Irina I

A great tutor that is able to explain mathematical concepts and problems well, and link content together for a better understanding.

Beverley S

Jay is tutoring our son who is 16/17. Jay is giving him the confidence he needs to succeed in year 12 and beyond as this has been a very challenging year for him. Four lessons in and our son is becoming More confident in his abilities.
Jay is patient and very wise and we think he's lovely.

Manushree M

Jay is a passionate teacher that has a very genuine interest in the subject and he ensures that one understands the logic behind the method. He is also a patient person and I would highly recommend him.

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