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Nathan G

5 (3 reviews)

I'm a teacher and composer with 8 years experience. I teach my students how to improvise and compose their own music which is the most rewarding and exciting aspect of playing the piano!

I have been living in Cardiff Bay for 2 years and also offer lessons online.

If you're a beginner:

I will teach you the basics first then allow you to build on it and start composing right away. Whether its pop melodies, jazz improvisations or complex classical pieces.

If you're advanced :

Many of the students I have taught come to me with a high skill level but are unable to play without the notes in front of them. My aim is not to avoid teaching theory but instead to focus on how to apply in a practical way, using the skills you already have in completely new way


5 (3 reviews)
Rasha A

Excellent teaching, kind teacher

Sabina K

Very committed and a great tutor!

Freddy B

Excellent pianist and teacher!

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