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Simone Yasmin K

5 (3 reviews)

Hi! I’m Simone; currently studying a BA English Literature degree at Newcastle University. I have a great passion for learning and will always strive to encourage every individual to reach their full potential. I have always been very enthusiastic about English, both language and literature and I am always happy to impart my knowledge and enthusiasm to others.

I understand the need for each pupil to have a tailored and adapted lesson, which meets the needs of that pupil. As I am still in education, I have a wide awareness and understanding of the texts on the curriculum and the novels in the literary canon. For this reason, I would be able to help pupils understand and then analyse the texts, before producing cohesive links between a handful of texts. I am very good at drawing out themes and their common tropes, and relating these to key literary devices. I would be able to help pupils develop their coursework, improve their essay writing and aid them in the construction of a literary argument, whilst developing a strong understanding of the concepts in English.

I have experience working with children and young people. During my AS Levels, I fulfilled a work experience placement working with young people, aged 11-17, and I frequently helped them with their homework and played educational based games. Currently, and for over a year now, I have worked with children aged 4-13, at an after school club. Hence, I am accustomed to helping younger students to read and interact, whilst helping the older students with any challenges in their school work, and to develop their reading and writing. I also have experience helping older high school students, as during high school, I was a peer mentor for a student at school. During my A Levels, I also qualified as a Reading Matters mentor. In this role, I had to devise plans for mentoring sessions, tailored specifically to the individual, teaching in a structured and disciplined manner, but also remaining a friendly and approachable mentor, who the student felt comfortable speaking to.

I am happy and confident to teach at all the levels specified and will look forward to working with you to give you a better understanding of English and all it’s intricacies.


5 (3 reviews)
Lula Z

Simone has been very helpful during my tutoring sessions, I feel as though i have drastically improved within my writing. Simone tutors me in both english lit and lang and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is also very up to date with the current mark schemes which is very helpful.

Aneeba T

Simone puts a lot of effort in to tutoring and if there is anything specific I’m stuck on she will always provide helpful notes for me to keep. Simone has a very cheerful nature which lets me tell her if I’m struggling with no hesitation.

Jassim A

Simone is very good at English I have learned a lot from her

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