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Aquila E


Morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are!

I have a total of 25 + years of musical experience in various musical fields (23 years singing, 12 years as a guitarist and 10 years as a songwriter)

My passion for music began at the age of 12 in primary school where I finally found my singing voice and became involved in choir. I gained a Grade 5 from ABRSM and I've been singing ever since, be it in front of thousands or in the shower!

Then came guitar when I was 16, I played as much as I could and with a few lessons I found my own style and continue to learn to this day be it in lessons, from gigging in the local scene and from my peers.

Finally came songwriting. Going to the University of Hertfordshire I learnt a lot about composition, music for film and TV and other more avant garde subjects and left with a BSc (Hons) in Music, Commercial Composition and Technology. I write songs on a regular basis and after working 9-5 for over ten years, I'm now a freelance musician, singer and songwriter since 2017.

I teach either online or in person at a place of your choice. My teaching style is flexible according to the students skill set from absolute beginners or those who have a grasp of the basics and want to expand their skill set. My aim is to bring practical skills that can be used for the aspiring amateur to a full blown professional musician.

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