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Remi D

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I am currently a professional with a range of learning experiences and qualifications that align with a range of subjects such as:

Business Studies (including the use of a variety of softwares and analytical tools such as Microsoft Packages and SPSS)

My accumulated learning experiences focus on my ability to gather educational data from a range of sources and apply that information to develop plans for both short and long terms in a variety of study segments.


Masters Degree in Business Analysis and Consulting – Strathclyde University
Economics and Politics with Honours - Strathclyde University

Job Experiences:

Adviser - Citizen Advice Bureau
Data Analyst - Esure Services Limited
Private Tutor

Teaching Location:

I can teach from home or at the Mitchell Library in Charing Cross in Glasgow (Address: North St, Glasgow G3 7DN). You can also arrange your own location for tutoring, subject to agreement.

If students are under 18 years old, they must be represented by a parent or legal guardian who gives consent for the students to receive tuition.

Teaching Hours:

Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm


5 (2 reviews)
James M

Remi was a tremendous help with my dissertation and I highly recommend using his services if you need assistance with your dissertation.

Heba A

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