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Tanja P


Hello, my name is Tanja, 28 years old. I am born and grown up in Munich, Germany.
After i finished school I decided to make an education as a clerk, which i gratuated after 3 years training. Since that time i mainly work as a Waitress and Promoter. I am besides in the winterseason Ski instructor for Kids and Teenager since over 6 years.
I raised two Teenager (10-16 years young).Learning and Homework was daily routine. I work since a couple of years abroad, so i have the chance to meet, work, and make new friends with people all around the globus.
To learn another language can be always connected with daily routine, even with hobbys.
" Nobody can teach you better a foreign language than a native and the country"
I am a german, so feel free to contact me :-)

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