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Elizabeth A

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From my experience, I have assisted undergraduate students prepare for their exams. My approach is to help students gain a thorough understanding of the area of law they wish to focus on, practise exam papers and prepare a detailed plan for any questions which may arise in the real exam.

I am also happy to help Bar students with any practical work e.g. criminal and civil advocacy, conference skills, alternative dispute resolution or written work e.g opinion writing or civil drafting.

I have mentored younger students who experienced difficulties in obtaining pass rates in their subjects. I offered one-to-one support on a weekly basis in order to identify weak areas and build students confidence and ultimately academic achievement. Other times, I support members of my family and friends with career development advice, CV writing and interview techniques.

I maintain a high standard of professionalism and am a strong advocate of instilling confidence in students. I am of the opinion that the best way to improve is through identifying gaps in a students knowledge, helping them gain an understanding of their learning style, using that learning style to understand their subject and having the student be in a position to teach others.
Further, and most importantly to students, exam papers are mastered through dedication and practise.

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Monday - Thursday evenings
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A little bit about what I do...
I have completed the academic training in becoming qualified barrister in England and Wales. I currently work in Anti-Money Laundering Compliance within a law firm and have experienced working with solicitors, barristers and the judiciary. During my years training to become a barrister, I participated in numerous pro-bono and voluntary work to develop my legal skills and help the wider community.


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Mas K

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Very supportive

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