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Momena U

5 (2 reviews)

I'm an enthisiastic, confident individual that enjoys helping others and spreading the knowledge i have in order to help others to achieve to their full potential. I am more than willing to give students all the help that I can and that they need, in order to help students excel at what they wish to do.
I am happy to help students revise content that they need to, help them make revision materials i.e flash cards/ Q- cards, cover content that they feel uneasy with and help them with practise papers and essay questions e.g help them structure the essay and give guidance to they content they put in. So that they gain more practise before the actual exams. I am also ready to help with coursework i.e give guidance, read over drafts.
I have experience in mostly the English field, I have previously helped students with essay writing whilst I was in college by reading over their assignements and helped them with their oral presentaions. While I was in High school I was a Reading Partner and used to help the less able students with their reading and comprehension. I used to read with the students once a week and then ask them questions and to ensure that they understood what they had read.


5 (2 reviews)
Rifit A

I am so glad to of found Momena she listens to my child and concentrated on her weaknesses which is great. I find momena patient and she listens but also firm with my child which is exactly what I wanted . Thank you for contributing to my child’s future inher education

Rifit A

I am so glad to of found Mona

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