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Olivia H


In terms of being a social work lecturer, tutor and practice educator; my objective is to support and develop the student to achieve their potential. By creating ways to teach and enhance their learning within an environment that is positive.
I teach relevant aspects of social work. My areas of specialism are Law, Children and Families, Social Work Theories, Psychology.
I undertake tutorial work for students based at university and college as well as tutorial visits and assessments of my tutees on placement, in terms of their progress on placement at various stages.
It is necessary to ensure that the learning plans are individualised and meet the needs of students that I am working with. Teaching is constructively aligned and that learning outcomes are met in line with teaching. This helps to give a clear sense of direction and to support the student to demonstrate their ability, skill as an effective social work student and adult learner. I enjoy teaching, for me it is an interesting and rewarding task.

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