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Emrys R

5 (10 reviews)

I am an experience tutor, having worked for over three years tutoring students up to A level. I started tutoring part time while a student at Oxford studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and since graduating have moved to working as a tutor full time over the past year.

I have experience teaching students from the ages of 10 to 60, understanding that each student has their own challenges and requires a unique approach. My tutoring experience includes working with students internationally, having taught students from Pakistan, China, Dubai and Taiwan online. With high levels of experience tutoring students from primary to A level with all major exam boards, including international exam boards, I am confident in all the necessary material. As I tutor I understand the importance of developing relationships with students and building confidence. I currently have several students I have been working with weekly for over a year, while equally working with other individuals for shorter more intensive periods. In addition I have plenty of experience tutoring to larger groups of students, having worked intensely with groups of up to six students.

My rates are variable depending on what I teach due to the preparation required.

I usually prefer to tutor in one and a half or two hours sessions for those over 16 and one and a half hour sessions for those younger as this is what I have learnt from experienced tends to be the best. However, I am open to different length sessions, understanding each student is unique.

Based in Kirkstall in Leeds, I can travel to most areas of the Leeds district.


5 (10 reviews)
Fameeda A

Very adaptable tutor and great and building trust

Ammara A

Emrys is very good at explaining different methods of Maths Division and decimals etc. He is very professional and has a dedicated approach to his teaching. My 10 years old is enjoying doing her maths with Emrys and feels more confident in her class . He is punctual and reliable. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor for their children.

Niu Niu S

Emrys is a very kind and responsible tutor who helps me to conquer topics that I struggle with and gives me support that I needed to get the grade that I want. He is patient and explains the question in detail to help me to unterstand better. Thank you very much, Emrys.

James H

Emrys is very efficient, punctual and good at making small talk. Also very patient and good at explaining​ things. He's been incredibly helpful. Definitely recommend him. Zak :)

Dawn V

The tutorial sessions we have had so far seem to be going well Emrys engages my son and has identified his weakest points working through them with him . He is punctual and accommodating and explains and plans his sessions so we all know what is needed.

Naomi B

Excellent as usual.

Hamzah Y

Excellent. Professional tutor, punctual with very good subject knowledge.

Liz Gilston G

Excellent 3 lessons in

Gary P

I highly recommend Emrys, he makes his lessons easy to follow and he is a very enthusiastic tutor. I will undoubtedly be having further lessons with him in order to achieve the highest grade possible for my GCSE Maths exam in 2017.

Dilip P

The tutor is very thorough with the lessons. I had difficulty explaining long multiplication and long division to my 9 year old child. After 2 sessions my daughter now knows the principles of long division and long multiplication. He taught my daughter 2 methods for both calculations, she and I are both happy with Emry.

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