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Marcello P

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I am a piano player from Italy based in London, having started my journey into music at the age of 11, when I grabbed my first classic guitar. At the age of 13 I decided to move on the piano after getting my first 4 octave keyboard.

At 19 I decided to move to London to start to study in Lccm (London Centre of Contemporary Music)Piano and contemporary performance. I have now completed my degree in Piano, Performance and Advanced Music theory.

At the moment I Live in Twickenham where I'm already teaching In schools/afterschools and to kids, teens and adults privately.
I'm able to teach piano grades like ABRSM from 1 till 6 and RSL (Rock, pop, jazz) from 1 till 8.
I can also teach guitar and bass from beginner to intermediate level.

If you like you can watch some videos of me playing in my official youtube channel.
My videos variate from piano, organ, keyboard, gutar playing and various generes such as Rock, pop, blues, jazz and classic (you can also find some tutorials if you are interested).

I am passionate to use my experience and begin sharing my musical knowledge with people of all levels!


5 (1 reviews)
Mariann M

Marcello is a very patient knowledgeable and kind tutor, who can adjust to my child's needs. He is punctual and very good with explaining all aspect of playing this instrument.

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