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Roger S

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I have a broad range of experience that ranges from teaching English and Drama and Theater Arts in secondary schools to teaching acting and directing in university theater departments. I have taught extensively in England and abroad. I have a post-graduate diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language, and my experience includes teaching English Language and Literature to 'A' level; writing classes at University level; and both practical and theoretical courses in theater arts and performance. I have also taught speech and public speaking, and coached students who are seeking to improve their confidence in making public presentations. Having worked for a preeminent technology company I have skills in facilitating learning through technology and in using Mac computer systems, especially to facilitate writing and the creative arts.

For students studying practical theatre classes or preparing for drama school and university auditions, I offer expert group and individual coaching. I have over 25 years experience as a professional theater director. I have tutored and mentored individual students and have an extensive list of student testimonials, which are available on request. I include here a sample of the feedback that I've received from students:

“The biggest thing I am taking away from this class is a sense of self worth I have never felt before. ...” Anonymous teaching evaluation December, 2013

“Roger has truly been an inspiration in my life. I have learned so much about myself as a person and I have more confidence in the subject than I ever had before.” Anonymous teaching evaluation

“Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you Roger. You really have turned my view of who I am and what acting is upside down. You have taught me so much about this craft and made me believe in myself more than any other teacher I have had. “ Megan Peters, December, 2014

"Roger is a very inspiring educator; he knows how to get his message across, and is able to articulate very difficult concepts in a clear manner.” Anonymous teaching evaluation 2013


5 (2 reviews)
Amy M

Roger is a great tutor, he's helped me think differently about my literature and really aided me in structuring my coursework. He has a profound insight into drama texts and how to analyse them which has helped me loads as my coursework is on two plays!! Will be booking more lessons with him in the future to help me with my A-Level exam responses :-) Overall, he is a very passionate tutor and is great help!

Donna M

Excellent tutor, really knowledgeable and encourages you to look at things in a different way to expand yojur knowledge.

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