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Maria de Los Angeles D

5 (8 reviews)

I have more than 8 years of experience as a teacher/tutor. I am a positive and optimistic motivator, adopting and practising appropriate teaching techniques and strategies pertaining to each student learning style. From my background in Engineering, I am acquainted with graduate-level mathematic principals and concepts, the knowledge of which I enjoy transferring to my pupils.
I moved to the UK from Mexico in order to undertake my PhD studies at the University of Manchester. After 4.5 years of intensive work, I was awarded a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I undertook all my previous studies in Mexico i.e. both an MSc and BSc in Electrical Engineering, Secondary school and Preparatory school.
Prior to the MSc study, I had a few years in the private industry sector. Then, with encouragement from family and friends, together with my engineering background and educational experience, and being passionate about wanting to teach, I became a university teacher in the main University of my native city at the Engineering school and a freelance Maths tutor.
I now live just outside London (North Kent) with my British husband. We enjoy going for long walks in the countryside. I love to take pictures of nature and memorable times. I also like to solve hard Sudoku’s and to make fabric handicrafts.


5 (8 reviews)
Jyoti B

Maria is a lovely lady, she has been helping my son with GCSE maths, he is so much more confident then he was before he started the tuition. He actually asks for Maria to come, which shows me that he gets a lot from her sessions. I will be considering Maria for my younger son when the time comes. Maria really cares and goes out if her way to check on him and offer him more exercises and she gave me comprehensive feedback to let me know how he was getting on. Thank you Maria.

Peter M

So far so good!! Very personable and keen to help.

Paul M

Really helpful tuition. María breaks things down simply which suits my style of learning perfectly. And it’s great that she has two skills of maths of Spanish of which I am studying both right now. Very happy!

Louise K

What can I say about Maria. She is amazing, my daughter absolutely loves learning with Maria she is amazing. We all think she is brilliant.

Daniel W

Maria is very kind and welcoming to her home. Made me feel at ease when I had not seen a tutor before. She has gave me some very good advice already and helped me understand my course work much better. I have only had 2 lessons but I look forward to have more with Maria.

Aimee R

My daughter is gaining more confidence with her Tutor. Such a lovely friendly lady. Highly recommend. Thank you

Sharon K

Maria tutors us in Spanish. She is very professional and works hard to plan lessons to accommodate us and make learning fun.
Lessons are going very well so far!

Tarin F

Maria is a brilliant tutor, has clear explanations when teaching and is very dedicated to helping you succeed. All round lovely person.

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