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Guy H

5 (5 reviews)

Having over 30 years' experience as a doubly-qualified professional in the world of business (over 20 of which carrying responsibility for technical English training), I came to the world of individual tutoring knowing - precisely - the standard of English fluency and grammar that industry demands. As well as having been a Fund Manager and Company Director, I'm a Cambridge-qualified English teacher and was a delegate on the UK Government's Education Trade Mission to China earlier this year.
I hold the Department of Education's Numeracy and Literacy skills certification.
I teach English from age 7 through to GCSE to 'A' level as well as GCSE Business Studies and Economics.
I use a mix of pedagogies, both traditional and modern.


5 (5 reviews)
Amanda M

Guy has been tutoring our daughter in GCSE maths for only two sessions but so far he has been very helpful. Already helped her understanding of simultaneous equations! He arrives slightly early so the session starts right on time and she definitely gets a full hour of valuable tutoring. He’s very professional and friendly.

Paul H

Hi it’s been only my sons third lesson and he says he has learnt so much and he seems mor confident in this subject. Thank you

Jill G

Very good support given to Year 6 preparing for SAts.

Tobias K

Guy helped my son Max to achieve an "8" in English GCSE from an average starting point. Guy did not only improve his exam perfomance very significantly, but managed to cover the wider topics and themes around English language and literature opening up the wider picture. All was very well delivered.

Will B

I would just like to take this opportunity to publically thank my English teacher Guy, I am currently studying for my GCSE exam which I will take next year.
His great ideas and teaching have given me a great confidence on the subject, however I know I still have a lot to learn.
The lessons are very interesting and informative and I would recommend him to any other students who are thinking of learning English at any level.

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