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Puja S

5 (14 reviews)

I have always supported learners who are stuck in their learning and thus lacking confidence. I have taught a variety of children with varying needs over 24 years. I enjoy helping learners to recognize their strengths and learning style to progress their learning. I use relaxed and creative ways to support learning mostly through use of games and sensory learning alongside using the learners' interests. I adapt the teaching to match the learners style and also support understanding of how to adapt learning and memory.
I enjoy supporting parents with their child's learning if the parents are interested and try to fit this in with the family lifestyle. I have diagnostic assessments in learning if any difficulties appear that need exploring.
I believe if children feel confident, curious and are able to learn from mistakes as well as ask questions then they are well equipped to succeed in learning.


5 (14 reviews)
Anita K

My 8 yr old connected with puja since the start and had enjoyed her tutoring which gave her a better learning technique and problem solving all round in her subject. I would definitely recommend puja who was prompt, reliable and straight to the point.

Linda W

We’ve had 5 sessions so far and Puja is a great tutor. She is patient with my son and takes time to explain things. She focusses on building his confidence with maths, and I like her suggestions for games me & my son can play to bring maths in other ways throughout the week.

Teresa K

Last summer Puja spent few hours a day during a week with my grandaugthers.
The girls had fantastic time with Puja, who made the tuition interesting and fun, as this was their second language.
I recomend Puja as a tutor full of knowledge and ideas and a teacher making good relationship with pupils.
Thank you Puja
Teresa Killingbeck

Jleana S

We are very happy with Puja. She is helping my daughter a lot with maths and my daughter enjoy doing homework with her. She also play maths games with my daughter to make her understand.

Sivasakthy P

Experienced teacher as she knows how to engage a 5year old into subjects. We are happy with her teaching

Lucy B

I just want to say a huge thank you to the lovely Puja. My children (9 and 10) both call her "the nice one" when we talk about their teachers.
First of all, Puja spent a few lessons getting to know both children - how they tick individually, and what their strengths and weaknesses were (aka, the gaps in their learning). Now she teaches each child for one hour a week - although it's just one hour, it's made all the difference to the children who this week managed to get almost 100 per cent in each class spellings. Very proud of them! And they are of themselves too. Thank you Puja. We are so grateful we have found you. Lucy and Vincent Boon

Shabnam K

Puja is a very calm teacher. She uses creative ways to attract my son's attention and to teach him maths. She has also been very good in supporting me with my son's behaviour towards learning. I very much recommend her.

Adam J

Puja is a very helpfull in all aspect. I'd like to recomend Puja as tutor.

Bill Y

It's been a pleasure to meet with Puja.Dylan enjoyed every lesson.

Angela V

Krishan really enjoys his sessions with Puja and she really tries to engage with him and provide tools and exercises that compliment the way he learns. There has been a big improvement in his maths skills since he has been seeing Puja and this has been noticed at school. I am more than impressed and will continue to use Puja as long as he needs her. Thank you Puja x

Melika I

Puja has been helping my 2 girls with maths and literacy. Puja's approach is very warm and friendly, she took the the time to build a bond with them and through games fun questions & art in order to learn their needs and skills and abilities.
I think Puja is very skilled and has a spiritual approach to teaching. I recommend Puja and am very please with the girls progress so far.

Nicola G

Puja has really helped to give my daughter more confidence and reinforce basic maths concepts . She uses a wide range of different sensory methods and makes the learning fun. My daughter is now feeling less anxious and more confident at school. Thanks Nicola

Lila Devi G

A friendly learning atmosphere for my son to look forward for his next class with Ms Puja . He is liking the way Ms Puja teaching him more practically without any stress on him. I hope he will definitely have better Grades than previous ones .
Thanks to Tutor Puja

Guruparan S


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