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Hello I am MGA Brown I'm the author of upcoming book Maths made simple 8 things you should know about mathematics. I'm a maths teacher an ICT teacher and I teach the piano by ear. I have taught at the African Community School for over 5 years, I have taught at the Hackney Community Learning Centre, as well as Employability Classes for ProDiverse a group that helped people get back into work.

Member of IfL MIOD SET
I have have been a member of the Institute for Learning (IFL) and Institute of Directors (MIOD) and I am currently am a member of Society for Education and Training ((SET)

I'm a transformational speaker. I have run courses in employability skills and I wrote a book called "Interview success - How to do a winning job interview". I'm a public speaker and I spoke in countries such as China and I used four principles to recover from a stroke which paralysed my right hand side, that story is in my book the "Art of gratitude".

I currently run a company called Your Success 2, a company which has helped many people to find greatest success in their endeavours, The company is based in London in Aldgate near to the City and in the hub of the business world. I am also the managing director of another company called Business Smart Up which specialise in helping business people to enjoy life while conducting their busy business life.

I have worked in the world of Telecommunications, and worked for British Telecoms, in various roles including a Customer Service Leader, I have taught in a number of places including The African Community School, ProDiverse a company which specilised in getting people back into work, and in The Hackney Community Learning Centre where I taught the computer and ICT.

I am the author of a number of books on subjects from business, the mind, gratitude, to personal development, I have been a transformational speaker and have helped improve the lives of many. My vision is to create a better world through the process of Life Long learning. So Help me to help you to create the best version of you today.

I have played the piano and guitar for a number of years, hear what I have to say,

I am married and have 3 children and I am active in my local community assisting in the running of the Community Accountancy Project and The Local Community schools in the capacity as Treasurer, management Committee member and Governor.

For a this MONTH only I have reduced my PRICE FROM £60 per hour to ONLY £20!

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