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Maria A

5 (2 reviews)
Newcastle upon Tyne

I am a professional music teacher of piano and music theory and currently a Post-Graduate Researcher (Ph.D.) at the International Center for Music Studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I hold a MA in Art, Law and Economy as well as a BA in European (Classical) Music on Applied Music Studies.
I have been working as a private tutor of music theory and piano since 2010, mostly with High School students. Thanks to the Classical Harmony, Counterpoint and Fuga Diplomas I have obtained, I can easily work on the technical and structural elements of music analysis and help students understand the background of each piece and score. For me, it is a crucial factor to have an in depth knowledge not only in the history of music, but also in music theory, which will render every session an exiting journey to live. Depending on each occasion and person I have in front of me, this musical conception also allows me be creative when dealing with different eras and backgrounds. I usually incorporate a short historical presentation that accompanies each piece and then, along with the student, we move together to the technical or performative details of it. The lesson would not be a boring monologue from my side, but rather a fruitful interaction with the student, which will give him/her the opportunity to discover on his/her own the music figures; perhaps, the satisfaction he/she will feel after each lesson is the reward of our committed engagement. Of course, it goes without saying that I am trying to do my best in order to keep the interest alive and I am quite demanding when tasks (such as exercises) are brought to the forefront, since I strongly believe that discipline should emanate from both sides (students' and mine) and constitutes the ultimate factor in order to make essential progress.


5 (2 reviews)
Stefania P

I've been taking Piano lessons with Maria between September 2017 - January 2018. Maria was a great teacher from the start, being very patient and taking the time to talk me through the very basics of piano, as I never played it before and everything was very new to me. I liked a lot the exercises that she taught me to do for practice and then, and then once my confidence has increased, we started working on an actual song. Maria's love and passion for music is incredible and her ambition definitely helped me practice more and get a little bit better each time. Maria is also a very nice person to talk to and I really enjoyed all our lessons. Due to relocation reasons, I had to stop my piano lessons however I hope that in the future I could have Maria as a tutor again. I really recommend Maria as a piano tutor!

Daisy S

Maria is a wonderful teacher. Patient and understanding with just the right amount of discipline. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I've had my second lesson recently and am already much further forward than I expected. I can't wait for our next lesson. Highly recommended.

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