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Daniel F

5 (3 reviews)

I am a Maths graduate who has recently made the decision to pursue a career in teaching. Currently working as a teaching assistant with a child with autism, I am now looking to combine this with tutoring to further develop my teaching abilities.

I am flexible and am able to adapt to your schedule and requirements.
I believe in my abilities as an educator and am confident that I can make Maths fun! I am happy to work with children of all levels of attainment and believe that I can instil confidence in all.


5 (3 reviews)
Denise E

My son's lessons are going well so far. He is making good progress and finds Daniel extremely easy to work with

Shirley B

Daniel has been tutoring my 15yr old grandson. He is a delightful young man and is an excellent tutor. My grandson describes his maths lesson with Daniel as great fun and as my grandson hates maths that said it all. I would highly recommend Daniel to tutor any child who is having difficulty with maths. I have employed Daniel to see my grandson through till he takes his maths GCSE next year.
My grandson will probably try for a higher grade in maths when he goes to collage of he does I will continue to employ him while he is in collage.

Debra W

Daniel is an excellent tutor who took a very calm and measured approach to his work. My daughter actually enjoyed her math sessions in the run up to her GCSE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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