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Bernard A

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I am an experienced tutor in science subjects to GCSE (£25) also chemistry at A-level and natural sciences to university entrance and degree level (£30). I've worked as a personal tutor from graduation up to the present day. I have four grown-up children who I encouraged to do as well as they could at school.

As a former Head of Science & Maths, Academic Director (and Ofsted Inspector) I'm confident that students I've taught in the past would say that I teach the fascination of science as well as the knowledge and understanding needed to pass exams which is always important. In my experience most students enjoy science but there are some challenging topics.

My aim is to make every part of science education enjoyable as well as successful. This feedback from the first lesson with one of my students is reproduced with their permission: "Thank you for being patient with me, I really enjoyed the lesson. You have restored my faith in my own abilities and I am not afraid of the subject anymore, thank you."

With a background of science teaching at secondary school level, also with undergraduates at Cambridge and as a p/t lecturer for two master's degrees I am confident I can help science students to do well at school and university levels including Oxford and Cambridge interview preparation (science/natural sciences).

I can teach online as well as from my home and I'm prepared to travel a reasonable distance to teach in a student's home. I've written science and astronomy books to help students learn by building up a set of accurate answers to science questions which have been written to teach, not just test. I still use these with my students.


5 (2 reviews)
Anupam P

My son is happy.....I'm glad Bernard was able to accommodate us just before his GCSEs

Natalee S

Amazing Tutor full of patience and humor. I am mature student with little to no knowledge of Chemistry, and Bernard has made it one of my favorite subjects to study. He's always on time and takes a keen interest in the module I'm studying. He brings practice work for me to do and shows me different techniques that helps me solve equations quite easily. So far we have done a few lessons and he has picked up where the gaps are in my knowledge, and has given me notes and ideas, on how to learn formulas as well as the periodic table. There is never anything too stupid to ask him or for him to explain a million times.
I am very lucky to have found such a brilliant Tutor.
Thank you Bernard.

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