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Elena D


A qualified teacher of Russian language and Art, I've worked in various educational settings as well as engaging in private tuition. I teach Russian language and Art to children and adults of varied age, abilities and background on one-to-one basis as well as in small groups.

My approach to teaching is always personal; I perform initial assessment, prepare the necessary learning materials and devise study plans according to the individual’s academic abilities, learning goals and targets. I tailor my lessons to suit the needs of each of my students.

As a private tutor I have to develop course materials for each of my students. I begin by understanding who my students are and what they want to learn; then I decide on how to measure student learning, devise study plans, identify learning objectives and prepare materials to support the study. Over the years I have developed a bank of educational resources (informative, instructional, exploratory, etc.) to help with the delivery of the subject: flash cards, reading materials of varied levels of difficulty, picture/words, colour graphics.

I write long-term and lesson plans, ask for regular feedback, keep records, assess learners’ progress and adjust training accordingly.

To ensure my continuous professional development I go on relevant courses and take part in online conferences. For example, in 2012 I completed a course on Behaviour strategies and classroom management with ContinYou; and in 2015 I took part in two online conferences: one on the topic of using Art to teach Russian language to non Russian speakers.

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