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Katrin N


I am a native German with a passion for learning and teaching languages.
I graduated in Berlin, Germany with a Masters degree in English & American Studies, Russian Studies and Media & Communication Studies before moving to the UK permanently in 1998.
My teaching experience includes working as a foreign language assistant in two comprehensive schools in the UK, teaching German in all classes up to A-level. I have also tutored students in Germany in English up to A-level.
I have been working in public relations for over 20 years on many pan-European and international campaigns. The nuances of language and not losing anything in translation are part of what I do every day.
I don’t believe you need to have a special talent to learn a foreign language. As with all learning, being curious and willing to try something new does help. Languages are forever changing and developing. They are fun and should be learned to be spoken, not just to pass exams.

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