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Giovanni P

Glasgow Metropolitan Area

Thanks to my various experiences as a volunteer teacher, I have developed efficient skills and techniques. I am a native Italian speaker studying at the University of Glasgow, but I have a classical background.

Studying Latin and Ancient Greek for five years at a very high level, I learnt grammar and acquired a deep knowledge of classical literature and culture. I believe classical studies are a fundamental step in the education of a person. I am enthusiastic about sharing what I know and about having friendly relationships with students.

In the past years, I volunteered in a primary school (Scuola Primaria Villaggio Lamarmora, Biella, Italy) and I worked as the assistant of the teacher in drama courses for children at ‘Opificio dell’arte’ (Biella, Italy). In 2017 I volunteered in a mission in Peñas, Bolivia, teaching Maths to local students. During these experiences I learnt to understand the different needs of students, both younger and older. I really like helping people and learning something from them!

I also enjoy studying languages myself: I speak Italian, English, Spanish and French and I am studying Portuguese and German. Therefore, I understand what people can find difficult both in grammar and in conversation.

I am a writer on Tutora.

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