Guitar teacher for all ability levels, Kirkstall Leeds.

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Chris S

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I have 17 years experience as a musician, learning piano and guitar from a young age and pursuing music production from my mid teens. I can teach guitar (acoustic and electric), piano, music theory, composition and songwriting, and music production from beginner to advanced in all. I believe passionately in teaching musical knowledge to others. Music should be something you enjoy and practicing should not be boring or seen as a chore. With my lessons, everything is tailored to your needs and what you ultimately want to achieve from your learning, such as learning songs or improving technical ability. I believe in encouraging ear training from an early stage alongside teaching an instrument to really get the most out of your relationship with music. I believe in making sure your understanding is not just about what's written on a page but about what you can hear and how that translates to playing.

I have been teaching since the start of 2017 having graduated mid 2016 with a music degree. I teach from home but am also willing to travel to students if required. My only requirement from students is a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for music!


5 (1 reviews)
Robbie G

Very easy to get on with. Quick responses. Good quality teaching and adaptability.

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