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Jhia Jiat T

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I am currently a second year medical student at the Imperial College London having passed first year with a distinction. I began tutoring 4 years ago and over the time I have more than 25 students in total.

During the time at sixth form, I am lucky enough to tutor a young boy to prepare for his iGCSE Chemistry and Biology Exam two hours every week for 5 months. In the meanwhile, I also supervised his progress on iGCSE physics. He has successfully received a prize of best performance in Sciences (3 Sciences with the Highest Average) in his school.

My past experience in teaching include: 11+, 13+, sixth form common entrance exams (mathematics and science), GCSEs (Math, Additional Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics) and A level (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology). The exam boards range from Edexcel, AQA, OCR and CIE.In addition, I am fluent in both English and Chinese, and I can tailor the lessons to focus on whatever students want to learn about.

In addition, I am also a keen tutor in medical school admissions. Have been through the application process myself and been through three different interview styles (Cambridge, Imperial and Birmingham), I understand what the admissions team are looking for. Recently, one of my students have successfully received an offer from Southampton having had MMI and general interview lessons with me. My BMAT scores are 5.9, 6.6, 4A. I am also happy to help in regards to admissions test, medicine personal statement, medical school application advice and mock interview with feedback.

My approach is tailored to the needs and preferences of the student. Lessons can include:
- Recapping material covered in class
- Going through homework
- Focusing on difficult concepts
- Past exam questions and exam technique
- Focusing on using key words to secure marks in exams


5 (2 reviews)
Zara S

Jhia is currently teaching A/L Chemistry to my daughter. Jhia is very thorough in the subject area and delivers structured lessons. I can clearly see that my daughter's confidence has improved and she now seems quite content with her homework/revision. I am very impressed with Jhia's professionalism, Great Tutor.

Mo H

Self confident what is teaching

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