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Helene C

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During my studies in France I've been working as a tutor and cover/support teacher for years at secondary level, which I kept doing for few years after.

I've been travelling to USA and Canada where I used my teaching skills to support my photography projects, I've been supporting students to learn French as second language in Montreal but also been invited at Phoenix University Arizona to talk to students about French culture and language for few class sessions.

During that period I also worked for the biggest Gallery in Montreal or designed pattern for wooden furniture for a local company in Phoenix.
I've been part of the staff of an International School in France, then created my own Art School opened to any ages or level, delivering outstanding service to families and businesses (ERDF, ORANGE, ...) in French or English languages.

I finally decided to move in Cornwall to give my son the opportunity to live and discover his other country, daddy's one.
I'm now happily live in the UK and would love to support you with your needs related to French language or Arts.

I believe a language needs to be learnt from a native for the simple reason than its more than just words, but a whole culture.
I never learn more English than living close to the native people speaking it, Canadian, American or British, increasing my knowledge everyday...

I will always consider any demand as little or challenging it can be, but you can be assured that I will be honest with you and decline any demand I would consider above my skills or abilities. No waste of time or money.

French for:
- primary children (for good start in Y7)
- secondary student (keep progressing in the language)
- test, exams (reinforce your skills and make the difference)
- adults (to start a new skill or improve)
- primary teacher (to improve your skills and pronunciation, discuss resources)
- business (to train your staff to a specific area : sales, tourism, hospitality)

Arts for:
- children and adults (fun workshop, learning real skills)
- students (developing technic or research support)
- primary teacher (developing skills, learning new technic and ideas)
- business (team building or incentive to help or reward your staff)
- Home Educated Children (play and learn)

Best wishes,

Helene Callaby.


5 (1 reviews)
Sophia F

Great tutor, takes time out of lessons to plan and to gain more information on the new GCSE spec :)

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