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Maria D

4.8 (4 reviews)

¡¡¡ HOLA CHICOS!!! : )

My name is Maria Dolores and I am a qualified teacher from Sevilla in Spain.
I am currently teaching in schools in United Kingdom, however I am also available to teach private or group Spanish classes.
If you would like to learn Spanish in a different, fun and interactive way then look no further.

What are you going to learn in my classes?
* Grammar

How are you going to learn Spanish?
* through real experiences
*Learning about Spanish culture
*interacting with spanish people
*lessons that are designed on a individual basics.

All of my lessons are taught in a modern, dynamic way to ensure you learn in a way that suits you.
Please, feel free to contact me for more information.



4.8 (4 reviews)
Charlie C

Maria is very sweet and plans our lessons out thoughtfully, so we always make progress and do activities to support the learning, also everything is in a relevant context (learning to talk about my job etc). She takes the time to make sure we are going at a pace that suits me and is encouraging and supportive!

Tamer E

I have always wanted to learn another language and that has always been Spanish. I have always wanted to go to Spain and indulge in the Spanish social life. Maria is a fantastic tutor and she is does this with a lot of patience and care. I am still just starting from scratch but I am sure Maria will help be great at speaking Spanish. Gracias Maria, Hasta Luego. Besos :)

Duncan B

I have really enjoyed my first few lessons with Maria. She has given me the desire and passion to learn Spanish through fun, rewarding and interactive lessons. Not only does she make learning the language interesting, but we also learn about Spanish culture which helps put the material into context.
Obviously with Maria being a native Spanish speaker, I find this is hugely advantageous in learning to understand spoken language.

I would highly recommend Maria as a professional, fun and friendly tutor who will make learning Spanish a great experience!

Yousef A

Maria is a qualified tutor. I have found Spanish language more easier to learn with Maria,she had given me words that can helping me to build my confidence to learn Spanish. Thank you Maria,

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