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Phiebe Boamah N

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I am a 19 years old Italian first language speaker. I have lived in Italy for 14 years so I can call myself an italian. I did my nursery, primary and high school in Italy. I studied at a Liceo Classico in Italy, based in Vignola. My high school is one of the most competitive and difficult schools in Italy. We studied subjects as Italian literature, Greek and Latin languages, Phylosophy, History and all the science subjects. This school can be compared to a grammar school here in Englad. I strongly believe that, despite of my age, I am highly qualified to support any student at any level. I encourage every young student to come to me, because of my age it will be easy to deal to each other. I am very mature and I put all my effort in everything that I do in order to achieve that goal. I am sure that I will be the best person to help you to succeed.


4 (1 reviews)
Ruth Q

I found Phiebe helpful and encouraging, as she understood waht I was looking for and had some helpful suggestions about how I could achieve what I wanted.

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