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John I

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My first degree was in history and politics and thirty-five years later l took a Modern Languages degree in Spanish and German. I now speak basic Italian and some French. I have travelled to over 40 countries and lived in German-speaking Europe and in Spanish America and in Spain.
I have taught history and maths, but l decided after witnessing a particularly terrible Spanish lesson for my secondary school students that l maybe could make a better job of teaching languages that the teacher that l observed. So l went back to basics and learnt two languages from the bottom up.. Then went back university to do a Modern Languages degree.
To brush up on my classroom teaching skills l did a Level Three Teaching Assistant Diploma in 2011 after l returned from individual tutoring in Vienna. Where l taught English and Spanish. Previously l had taught English and German in Spain. The level three course involved ten weeks of classroom teaching practice as part of the qualification. It was a great refresher and informs my tutoring, although l have returned to the individual rather than classroom teaching.
I live in central Birmingham and l am a cyclist...In 2005 l cycled a thousand odd miles from Stockholm to Vienna to take up a teaching post in a military school and technical college. I use a bicycle in conjunction with the train to stay fit.


5 (2 reviews)
Victor L

John is an excellent teacher who makes you feel like home while you are learning. We are improving our english every lesson we take from him. John uses his own life experiences to make the lessons interesting and funny. We completely recomend John to everybody.

Greg F

A super friendly guy, excellent lesson.

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