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Luke F

5 (3 reviews)

I have always been curious-minded and I am especially interested in the intersection where science and humanities meet. My passion for learning and desire to spread knowledge has prompted me to pursue becoming a secondary school teacher specialising in biology: I will be starting a PGCE next September. Previously, I worked as an environmental consultant for 2 years at the engineering firm WSP .

Teaching has always appealed to me and I've been volunteering at a disability swimming club for several years now. In this role I've helped support young disabled children one-to-one in the swimming pool so they can build up their confidence and proficiency in the water.

More recently I've also gained experience teaching English as a foreign language at a local immigration support group.


5 (3 reviews)
Ridha R

My first lesson with Luke went really great! I learnt variety of different things. I would recommend him to anyone. Brilliant tutor

Gina B

My daughter has only had two lessons with Luke and these have already made a big difference to her, great tutoring thank you Luke.

Helen F

Hi Luke has a way with Dylan that encourages him all the time and keeps Dylan's attention and happy to learn. thank you Luke

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