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Jujhar Singh V

5 (4 reviews)

Maths Examiner for a leading exam board.
I have been teaching for the past 13 years in mainstream and special school setting. I have been part of the middle leadership and senior leadership team for the last 5 years. Recently i have successfully managed to complete NPQSL ( National Senior Leadership Training Course) run by Department of Education. I have been nominated for "Teacher of the Year" twice during my teaching career. My motto, is to ensure students achieve the best outcomes, which has been evident from results over the last 13 years. Results, of my students have consistently been Good to Outstanding. I have wide range of experience of lower Key stages, GCSE and A Level students. I have not had any break in employment and have been consistently employed since the start of my teaching career.


5 (4 reviews)
Mita P

Tutor was vey impressive , he came prepared with a list of topics for the syllabus and identified areas that required addressing very quickly.

Chrysostom A

Very good tutor and very useful

Gursheel S

A very good and helpful tutor. If you need a tutor go for him as he teaches very well!!!

Gagandeep H

He is a very good tutor and I find his learning methods affective I would definitely recommend this tutor to a friend

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