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Idoia G

5 (4 reviews)

My name is Idoia and I am an easy-going Spanish teaching professional. I have gathered some volunteer work experience as a Spanish teacher and I have a Master´s degree in Education – Secondary Teacher Training.

In addition, I have recently completed an online course on teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
I studied a five-year degree in History at University of Zaragoza and then I did a Master´s in Education at the Public University of Pamplona to be able to become a teacher –what I have always wanted. While doing my Master’s degree I was given the chance to do three months of traineeship in a Secondary School, where I had to help the teacher to prepare the classes and, in the last period, design and run the classes by myself. During that time, I worked as a volunteer teaching Spanish to low-income women from Northern Africa and helping their children to do their homework and learn the new language. This experience made me fall in love with teaching and, more specifically, teaching Spanish, since it makes you want to surpass yourself and try new ways to improve.

After finishing my studies, I decided to go abroad in order to improve my English skills and achieve other personal goals like living in another country and making new friends. That is why I decided to come to Edinburgh, where I have been living two years!

Don´t hesitate to contact me for further information. Looking forward to meeting you all.


5 (4 reviews)
Fiona M

Idoia is a great tutor. She always has a lesson planned, is patient, understanding and allows the lessons to progress at a comfortable pace to suit your learning style.

Ray B

Idoia es un tutor supremo, paciento y atento, pero arbarca mucho terreno en una sesion. Estoy muy feliz con mis primeras dos lecciones. Ok some from pc but estoy contento.

Ray B

1st Lesson, considerate, intense.understanding, demanding, intuitive exactly what I need as a beginner wishing to progress. Mucho Gracias Idoia.

Dave A

Always on time with a well planned lesson.

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