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Sylvie V


Mostly I have worked as volunteer with dyslectic children who their families could not support. The main courses I was teaching them was maths, physics, chemistry and biology. Last three years I had a student at maths who as at foundation level and helped him as well on his first year, while he was at Liverpool University. Now I am teaching a classmate from my university biology. I love private teaching cause everybody learns in a different way and that is what fascinates me more. I would love to pass my knowledge to other people especially children who builts their future and probably find studying as a boring activity. Greek is my native language so it is easy for me to teach a young kid through songs and games or an adult as well. In general, I am trying to find an interesting way to make students be keen on the subject they need help. Till now all my students had excellent results and that makes me proud. I am always trying to build a good relationship with my students and make them feel comfortable to ask me anything that they don't understand without feeling shame of themselves.

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