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Alice F


Hi there! My name is Alice, I'm a 25 year old student studying medicine at Queen's and live in Belfast. I have a degree in biomedical sciences from the University of Warwick and so have a a very thorough understanding of biology, especially human biology.

I have been involved with tutoring throughout school where I took part in a scheme to help children with their science and language skills for whom English was not their primary language. In addition, I set up a peer mentor support group at Warwick for those who needed support and advice with all aspects of the biology course such writing report writing, applications and general topic support. These topics ranged from statistics, biochemistry, molecular biology and plant biology.

I've never been the kind of student that can memorise and rote learn information. I really wish I was because it would make life so much easier! I find that using different techniques works better, whether that be drawing a nice big diagram or coming up with acronyms to help me remember lists. For example when trying to remember the taxonomy order (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species) I used 'Do Koalas Prefer Chocolate Or Fruit, Generally Speaking?' I find these work really well and I use them all the time during my studies at the moment!
I also find exams very daunting too but the key is preparation, preparation, preparation!

When I first meet a student I like to establish what their needs are. To do this I will work through some questions of a varying difficulty and chat to them about how they currently learn. This also allows me to get to know the student a little better as I believe a good rapport is essential in creating an environment where the student feels comfortable to ask those 'silly questions'.

The key to the student gaining confidence in their ability is a firm grasp of the basics of the topic. This ultimately allows them to apply their knowledge to any situation or exam question. By familiarising myself with their syllabus I will be able to ensure that what I cover in my lessons is in line with their school syllabus.

Closer to exam time we would introduce practice papers because these are invaluable for exam technique and the student understanding the extant of their knowledge.

Thank you for reading!

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