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Kevin A

5 (4 reviews)
Chelsea, London


Qualified, experienced, mature.

B.A. ( Hons ) 2.1 Durham University 1985.


English as a Foreign Language - English Language and Usage.

British History 1066-1960 (Stuarts-Cromwell) Europe 1700-1919 (Russian Revolution)
European Civilisation- General interest Course (not suitable for exams)


My aim is to give the student confidence to use the English language how they wish, to achieve immediate and useful results.

Each lesson is tailored to the individual student: we do not blindly follow text books. From beginners to more advanced students, my technique is to concentrate on sentence structure and from there develop greater powers of expression. .

Happy to teach all ages; people returning to learning, "not-so-young" executives, university and senior school students.

I have worked in nine countries for over twenty years; comfortable dealing with a wide range of people, ages and cultures.



5 (4 reviews)
Vanessa H

Kevin was very engaging and got everyone talking Spanish immediately. The time flew by which is a good indicator of how interesting the lesson was. The lessons have been really enjoyable and there has been a tangible improvement in everybody’s Spanish as a result.

Timur S

Kevin is a very good teacher. He has prepared for an each lesson, he knows how to learn. I liked that he chooses the approach for each student and he asked you about your goals. I highly recommended him to everybody

Ekaterina Z

My husband and I were looking for an English teacher for several weeks and tried different courses and schools. Kevin turned out to be much more experienced and aware than others. His preparation for the lessons is very good, he not only takes into account our demands and feedback but also reveals our weak spots we weren't aware of, so the study process is very effective. Kevin conducts classes in a dynamic and intensive manner, all the activities are diverse and fun. Every lesson we have with Kevin enhances our mood and raises interest in the English language and culture.

Lacramioara C

The lessons are more valuable than I expected.
Kevin is not just a teacher, he quickly became my mentor. He understood perfectly what I need despite the fact my demands were not quite clear.
He is exactly the teacher I hoped to find.

Tutora system was easy to use even though some features are still hidden for me.
But, at the end of the day, Tutora provided me the opportunity to meet Kevin so I'm very content. And I'm sure the team will find a way to communicate better with the students.

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