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Suzy E

5 (2 reviews)

My teaching experience has been exclusively with sixth form students but I have been tutoring GCSE students and guiding them towards the new specifications for nearly two years. My style is professional but informal. I want to build confidence, maximise potential and really help students to fall in love with literature! I don't treat Shakespeare like cod liver oil, something that has to be 'taken' or 'done'. I'm extremely enthusiastic about the books, plays and poems I teach. While it's true that we can't enjoy everything we read, (and why would we?), there are always interesting ideas to explore and inspiration we can draw from the texts.

I help students to focus on the aims and objectives demanded by the syllabus, whether it's for the examination or coursework. Good study habits, independent learning and effective organisation are crucial to success and these are the elements of my teaching I concentrate on.


5 (2 reviews)
Kate F

A great tutor, that has helped me better understand my English Literature A-level and has helped me figure out my faults in my work and how to fix them.

Gwyneth W

Andrew is really enjoying the sessions. He feels that having someone different to his regular school teacher is helping him to think in different ways. The tutor is very professional.

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