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Matt K

5 (12 reviews)

Singing is a vulnerable thing!

I remember what it was like to start singing and understand the hurdles that you may face along the way when developing your voice – that's why I'm here.

I can help develop and nurture your voice so you can gain the confidence and skill to sing. I can help with all genres of singing.

Primarily, I want our time to be fun and informative, so you can improve in the most efficient and relaxed way. I will provide an accepting, enjoyable and comfortable environment for you to learn to sing in.

I have been singing ever since I was a child, in a choir, performing in many venues around Bristol like the Hippodrome, Colston Hall, Bristol Cathedral, etc. Continuing to learn music throughout my life, in my early 20's I co-founding my own pop band that I worked to develop to a high-industry standard. I have trained my voice over many years - with the help of a world-renowned vocal coach - to develop it to highly professional level, as well as garner in depth knowledge of the science and art of singing. It has been my passion to understand how the voice works.

From beginners to advanced, I lay out a clear and concise method, with examination of technique and style, that will help you develop your voice to any level.

Amongst many things I can help you with, I can help you:
- Smooth out all your bridges,
- Find your powerful voice,
- Find your soft voice,
- Address issues of under/over compression
- Unlock different areas of your voice that may go undiscovered,
- Develop vibrato,
- Develop style, etc.

There is no mystery to singing, so I can help you develop your voice without the frustrations of not knowing what is going wrong.

I provide a home studio for you to record your own voice in order to get use to a studio setting, recording and understanding mic control. I am a song-writing and producer as well, so I can help you develop artistic expression and/or production skills if this is a goal you have.

Also, I am a proficient guitarist that has been playing for 15 years, so can help with most things in this area. I have studied music performance, technology, have quite a strong understanding of music theory and have played piano since I was 6, so I can help developing understanding in these areas too.

So if you want to be able to sing your favourite song or develop your voice to a high level of personal artistry, don't hesitate to get in touch!


5 (12 reviews)
Bex C

Matt has been extremely helpful to me. He is funny, good with younger singers like me and is just a pleasure to have as a teacher. I would recommend Matt if you looking for an in-depth learning, into how to pitch, stable your voice and to learn a particular song in lessons. - Lily, 11 years

Matt has helped increase my daughter's confidence in her singing ability. He has tailored her lessons to fit her needs. Matt has also helped her understand, that what she is learning in her lessons, will help her to improve her voice. She looks forward to lessons and throughly enjoys them. I would definatley reccomend Matt as a tutor.

Dean K

Matt has been amazing tutor, helping me to release my voice a little more By taking it higher up my registers with ease, still an ongoing process, but I love his work ethic and he gets you to understand how singing and the voice works....definitely recommend him to anyone that is having vocal struggles with singing.

Vaida A

Very very good teacher!! Thank you very much!!!

Brian M

A thoroughly professional, flexible, tutor, who has the ability to teach, to an exceptional standard. Friendly, polite and dedicated, to teaching, to the best, of his abilities, attaining the best, from the student. A sheer pleasure, to be, coached by, and i personally, would recommend this tutor without any kind of reservation or hesitation,...

Josh T

Knowledgeable, friendly, funny and talented. Matt is encouraging and persistant, but also felxible with covering techniques and tips, based on what I need and want to be able to do.

Immediately rebooked after our first session and haven't regretted it since.

Ben E

Lessons have started off fantastic. Matt makes you feel very comfortable and confident very early. Progress is being made each lesson.

Peter R

Matt is a great tutor who will tailor the lessons to your specific needs. Thanks Matt

Rohan A

Friendly and knowledgeable. Online classes worked pretty well. Matt helped my 7yr old son just before my son's first ever singing competition and he won a prize!

Joseph C

Matt is an excellent teacher. By far the best I have come across so far! Not only are his lessons structured, educational and informative but they are also fun , relaxed and enjoyable.
Matt made me feel really comfortable very quickly which has really helped with my confidence in singing. I've already achieved things that I didnt know my voice could do and I am really looking forward to seeing what else I achieve with Matt's coaching.
If you want to develop technically as well as enjoy the process of learning to sing I couldn't recommend Matt more!

Justin G

Matt has been a great help. Explaining what I needed to know to understand the technicalities of vocals and very quickly working out my range and where I needed improvement on bridging / transitioning between vocal methods. We are currently moving through exercises to strengthen these areas / muscles. Most of all, I am enjoying it!

Samuele C

Very useful lessons, I've made progress since the beginning and very quickly. Patient and with lots of knowledge.

Hayley G

I'm really enjoying my lessons with Matt! They're fun, engaging and feel like they're really tailored to me. Matt is very supportive and reassuring for a new learner like me. Would recommend

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