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Jean H

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Hayling Island

I am an experienced teacher of French, Spanish and EFL. I have taught in Primary and Secondary schools in the state and independent sectors, and in FE colleges in the UK, France and Spain. I have taught all ages from toddlers to mature adults. I am flexible, professional and reliable with a sense of humour.

Lessons vary as everyone has different objectives, needs and learning styles. I can cater for:
1. Primary children who are learning French or Spanish for the first time.
2. EAL children who need basic English to enable them to cope with the classroom situation.
3. Secondary pupils who, for a number of reasons, find learning a foreign language difficult. Sometimes they need more explanation, structure, or maybe just need to work at a slower pace, to boost their confidence and to increase their motivation.
4. French GCSE and IGCSE exam revision to improve students' grades.
5. IELTS preparation for international students to help them gain entry to UK universities.
6. Adults who want to learn French for employment, holidays, relocation, conversation, or just for pleasure.
7. Adults whose first language isn't English and who need basic or advanced language skills for work, exams or simply living in the U.K.

Learning a language may not be as difficult as you think, in fact, it can be a lot of fun.
Learners of all ages need a goal to aim for. In order to succeed they need to be positive, active and in control of their learning. They need praise and encouragement. They need to see their own progress, learn from their mistakes and feel a sense of achievement. It is the tutor's responsibility to make this happen.
Whatever your language needs please contact me for a chat so that I can see if I can provide you with a course that meets your requirements.


5 (1 reviews)
Emma E

Jean is very professional, and a pleasant person. Would definitely recommend.

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