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Marcela M

5 (3 reviews)

[Currently taking ONLY: full beginners and people who already have a conversational level and want to practice]
Hello! I'm Marcela, an English Literature and Linguistics student from Chile. I am currently doing a year abroad at the University of Nottingham. I do not possess any formal degree in teaching yet, but all I know is from my experience teaching students of different levels. I have taught English to primary school students, Spanish to university students and graduates and I have also done Tandem practice ( language exchange) with university students. What I do is going over the basics (greetings, likes/dislikes, introducing - depending on your level), do exercises (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and some short homework just to keep the continuity in your learning process. I'm happy to adapt t your goals towards Spanish, be it learning from the beginning, learning holidays essentials or just practice what you already know.


5 (3 reviews)
Victoria B

I'm really enjoying my Spanish lessons with Marcela. We meet in a cafe in town and chat for an hour in Spanish, which is exactly what I needed. Marcela brings useful vocabulary and phrases to help structure the conversation. I'm already feeling more confident in both my listening and speaking after two lessons!

Fay S

My lessons are going exceedingly well. Marcela is an excellent tutor in that she has listened very carefully to the way in which I need to proceed with the language. She is gentle and helpful. She has made me feel very enthusiastic about learning the language. I feel very fortunate to have her as a tutor.

Carl D

Marcela was a good teacher for me in our first lesson. We just went over some very basic things such as greetings, basic conversation and goodbyes, as well as learning to pronounce certain words and discussion of different dialects.
Will see again.

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