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Flavia S

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Newcastle upon Tyne

My name is Flavia, I'm from Italy - Turin to be more specific - and I'm 21. I've been studying English since I was in elementary school - I stopped after I graduated in 2015, but now I am in England, currently a student of Newcastle University.  I've graduated from IPSSAR G. Colombatto - Diploma di Esame di Stato with 98/100. I've studied French since I was in middle school until I gradueted, for 8 years. Since I wanted to improve my speaking, I stayed in Strasbourg for 3 months. 

Languages are my passion, and I love the idea of being helpful while doing something I enjoy! 

I've always helped my classmates when they needed my help, they never got bored - and their grades got better. 

Before we start the lessons, I'd like to get to know who I'm working with, so I will ask for a short introduction - just someting to break the ice!

Then I'll need to know what I can help you with, and how much time you can dedicate to our lessons.

After this, we can focus on the problems and how they can be fixed. I can help you with grammar, give you some useful and interactive websites to strengthen your vocab skills, and if you need help with speaking we can practice - just a chat or a preparation for your speaking exam.

I'll do my best to make sure that you reach your goals or achieve that exam!


5 (1 reviews)
Miguel B

Flavia is helping me in improving my Italian by having conversation on many different subjects. She is very patient in explaining me what I should improve and how I can do it. After each lesson she sends a report on the things talked in the lesson, which is very helpful.

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