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Mark H


I enjoy teaching maths and I enjoy seeing and helping students achieve their potential. I like to build a good rapport with my students and I had a form group from year 7-11 who were consistently the best form group in school for the entire time they were at High school. My most treasured possession is the group photo I have of me and my entire form group at their prom evening at the end of year 11 and just before they left for college. Those moments are what makes teaching a pleasure to be a part of.
I have been a maths teacher for 12 years and in that time I have taught KS3, KS4 and A-level Maths and A-level Further maths. I am currently teaching GCSE Foundation and Higher maths to students as well as all parts of the A-level syllabus.
I have been at my current school for 5 years and during the most recent Ofsted inspection, Ofsted reported that our maths department provided outstanding teaching for students and that our students made significant progress, particularly students with special educational needs and disabled students.
I have taught students pf all abilities, from those struggling with Foundation GCSE to Gifted and talented students who take part in the annual UKMT national maths challenge.
At my previous school I taught one to one sessions with students who were struggling with GCSE Foundation maths and managed to help improve students attainment from grade F/E to grade C on a regular basis.
At my current school I have taught students who had been previously home schooled, and some of them had lacked some basic maths skills. I have also taught profoundly deaf students and have always managed to help these students achieve grades higher than their original target grades. We were able to transform the outcomes of those students to give them a good maths GCSE grade from which to apply for college or work placements.
I like to help students achieve a better understanding of and appreciation for algebra and trigonometry by applying learning to actual scenarios which use several skills at the same time. These are then applied to solve a significant and worthwhile problem demonstrating a wide range of skills and abilities.
During last year and again this year I am teaching the new specifications for GCSE 9-1 maths and I have experience in teaching for Edexcel, OCR and AQA style questions and exam standard questions.

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