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Paul P

5 (5 reviews)

I currently work as a curriculum coordinator and manage a group of educators. This role involves designing a unique syllabus/curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties.
As a tutor I educate pupils in the local area on a daily basis (seven days a week) covering a large area around Plymouth.
I’ve been teaching either in schools or private tuition since September 2000. I’m dedicated & hardworking.
I use many different approaches to encourage development. When you see someone understand, learn and expand it is (in my opinion) fantastic.
I have over 10 years teaching experience in a classroom environment and five years as a tutor/specialist. I’ve taught Music, English, Science, Maths, Art and Primary (KS 1 - 5). I`ve run main stream departments. As I’m also a musician I’ve taught guitar, cello, violin, keyboards and music theory.
I’ve experience of working in SEN. I`ve achieved excellent results with pupils with specific learning difficulties and behavioural problems. My experiences in this area are in down syndrome, dyslexia dyspraxia, ADHD, Asperger's, ASD, verbal dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder. I’ve also taught pupils with cerebral palsy deafness and visual acuity problems. I`ve completed a basic sign language course & RPM for ASD. I did this so I could communicate with pupils without relying on a teaching assistant to translate for them/me.
I believe it`s very important to understand how people approach learning (everyone learns differently. I like to understand a pupils strengths through looking how they learn (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (VAK)). I take the information I learn and find the best way to adapt teaching/learning. I like to use a holistic approach.
My history of success with Ofsted is good/outstanding. I`m committed to improving pupil/personal development with whatever approach works best for you.
I`m available week days, weekends and also during the holidays. I believe it`s important to get to know each other first and set out achievable future goals.


5 (5 reviews)
Toni E

paul is a really friendly guy, he made my son who has SEN feel comfortable and looking forward to his next lesson. my son really enjoyed his lesson and paul has given him a much needed confidence boost already

Louise P

Really nice guy . My daughter enjoyed his teaching style . No longer required but will definitely book for son next year

Anna S

So far the progress has been very good.Paul has a very good attitude, he is friendly, firm and confident. We would recommend him to others.

Caroline F

Paul is fantastic with my son Alex, who is in Y9 and needs some English boosting. He even managed to make him write a poem! Alex is looking forward to the lessons, and has already gained confidence in his abilities, after only a few weeks. Thank you Paul!

Dawn W

Paul’s down to Earth approach and real understanding of dyslexia gives him a real ability to inspire confidence and engagement. Paul has made a difference to my daughters whole approach to learning ‘s her skills. Brilliant!

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